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Welcome to the future of Recruiting & Networking! TM 

\ KōCHPro - (Pronounced CoachPro)
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KōchProTM is all about making networking and recruiting easy! 

KōchPro offers a simple solution to all your recruiting and networking needs. Our products have been tried and tested by reputable high school programs, professional college coaches, universities, organizations, and entrepreneurs in various industries across the country. With our cutting-edge solutions, user-friendly tags, and advanced technologies, we make networking, recruiting, and information exchange seamless. Furthermore, each client's tags can be customized to fit their specific needs, making KōchPro™ the ultimate wireless tech solution for everyone. 

Others don't need an app or a KōchPro device to receive your info!

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You Can Program Your Device 4 Ways: 

Link To Any URL

Social Media 

Bio Link

KōchPro Profile with Contact Download

No Subscription Required

You can program your KōchPro tag to any URL (website) Link that you desire. Yes, connect your website, hudi, your YouTube video, or any digital presence.

You can also program your device directly to any of your social media handles. 

No Subscription Required​

You can program your Kōchpro tag directly to any of your social media platforms .  Share your social media platforms with just one tap, eliminating the need to manually type out your handle every time you wish to share it with others.

No Subscription Required​

Design your link in bio by using the platform of your choice (Linktree, Bitly,, etc.) and program it to your KōchPro tag to act as a Digital tool to share data. Instantly share your contact details, addresses, phone number, websites, emails, links to products, or whatever information you would like to share.

 No Subscription Required

With KōchPro Profiles, you can include all the information you'd like to share in one convenient place. Contact information, social media links, videos, PDFs, and music can all be added to your KochPro profile and shared with others in just a tap. As a new customer, you'll receive our JustMe membership for free. Our Pro memberships offer the ability to manage, update or modify your information in real-time through our KochPro hub. For those interested in corporate memberships, you can oversee your team-member's profiles. Click the link below to explore our plans and pricing options. 

Who Can Use KōchPro? 

Whether you're a coach, student-athlete, entrepreneur, salesperson, hairdresser, realtor, administrator, or business person, KōchPro™ has a solution for you! KōchPro was created to cater to the needs of coaches, student-athletes, sports parents, entrepreneurs, business people, and administrators.

Overall, KōchPro™ is a game-changer in the world of wireless technology. It offers a comprehensive solution for organizations and individuals that are looking to improve their marketing, engagement, networking, and information exchange efforts. Learn how you can use your KōchPro tag by booking a session with a staff member.

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Tokens & 
Key Chains  

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The beauty about KochPro devices is that no app is required for the tap or hov function to work. Our devices work on iPhones, Androids and most smart phones. To check to see if your phone is combability or to view our combability list, click here

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    • Do you need an app to use a KōchPro tag?
      No. No app is required for you or the person you want to share your information with.
    • What is a KōchPro?
      A KōchPro is a tag that comes in a form of a smart metal card, smart wristband, sticky token or key chain. A KōchPro provides coaches, student-athletes, real estate agents, barbers, hairdressers, artist, businesses, nonprofits, universities, schools, and entrepreneurs with digital solutions. KōchPro tags can be programmed to function as a business card, store, portfolio, real estate platform, recruiting tool for coaches and student-athletes and other digital solutions.
    • Is KōchPro only for athletes?
      No. KōchPro tags are for everyone! Coaches, business people, entrepreneurs, artist, and any one that uses business cards or need to share information often can benefit from a KōchPro tag.
    • Can I get a demo of the product?
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