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  • Do you need an app to use a KōchPro tag?
    No. No app is required for you or the person you want to share your information with.
  • What is a KōchPro?
    A KōchPro is a tag that comes in a form of a smart metal card, smart wristband, sticky token or key chain. A KōchPro provides coaches, student-athletes, real estate agents, barbers, hairdressers, artist, businesses, nonprofits, universities, schools, and entrepreneurs with digital solutions. KōchPro tags can be programmed to function as a business card, store, portfolio, real estate platform, recruiting tool for coaches and student-athletes and other digital solutions.
  • Is KōchPro only for athletes?
    No. KōchPro tags are for everyone! Coaches, business people, entrepreneurs, artist, and any one that uses business cards or need to share information often can benefit from a KōchPro tag.
  • Can I get a demo of the product?
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