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Introducing Our Dual Wristband - A Revolutionary Networking Tool

Our dual wristband is a cutting-edge device that features two chips, allowing users to create two distinct networking profiles. One profile is designed for business or networking purposes, while the other caters to personal or social interactions. The possibilities are endless when it comes to how our dual wristbands can be utilized.

  • Coaches can use the dual wristbands for business and personal purposes. Some use one side as a business card and the other as a recruiting tool during home visits.

  • Student-athletes can showcase their athletic skills on one profile for recruiting purposes, while keeping another profile for meeting new people and making friends.

  • Entrepreneurs can use one side as a business card and the other for accepting payments, booking appointments, sharing social media or more.

Black Dual Smart Wristband

SKU: 000007
Color: Black Band with White logo
  • Our dual wristband is a versatile accessory that can be used for a variety of occasions. Coaches can use it for activities such as mega camps, recruiting, fundraising events, and networking. For student athletes, the wristband is handy for 7-on-7 tournaments, junior days, pro days, mega camps, unofficial visits, and networking with scouts. Business people can wear them to conferences, luncheons, and other networking opportunities. Entrepreneurs can use them for tradeshows, sales, as a business card, and a way to share data. With its flexibility, the dual wristband is a must-have for any occasion!

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