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Stud Model Project


About Us

The Stud Model Project is a startup that aims to revolutionize the modeling industry by creating a platform that connects models with each other and directly with clients, without the need for traditional modeling agencies. Our team is passionate about creating a fairer and more transparent modeling industry.

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Why KochPro?

Stud Model Project is thrilled to partner with Kōch Pro, a leading digital business card company, to revolutionize the way we connect, share information, and outshine our competitors. With Kōch Pro's innovative digital business card solution, we will have a seamless and efficient method of exchanging contact details with brands, models, and industry professionals. This cutting-edge technology will enable us to stand out by presenting our brand and models in a sophisticated and modern light. By leveraging Kōch Pro's platform, we can easily share our portfolio, social media handles, and other vital information, ensuring a lasting impression with potential collaborators and clients. With this powerful tool in our hands, Stud Model Project is poised to make a significant impact and establish ourselves as industry leaders.


We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

The views expressed by our brand ambassadors are solely their own and do not necessarily reflect the values or opinions of our company. We take no responsibility for any statements made by our ambassadors and encourage individual freedom of expression while representing our brand. For our full brand ambassador disclaimer, click here.

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